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The New Sewickley Township Police Department is searching for ways to better serve the community.  We are constantly striving to improve the quality of life for our residents; however, we do not know where all of the problem areas are.  We need your assistance in achieving our goal.  If there are any problem areas in the township that you feel the police should look into, please let us know. The problem area can consist of anything from a speeding issue to illegal drug activity or anything else discomforting.  Your imput may save a life or bring closure to a victim of a crime.  The issue(s) can be reported by simply calling us, stopping by our police department or sending an email.  We respect any requests to remain anonymous if indicated.  Please help us make New Sewickley Township a safe place to live!

Police Department phone number: 724-774-2473

Police Department address: 233 Miller Road, Rochester, Pa 15074

Email: dswab@newsewickley.com or any other officer’s email address listed in the Police Officer’s section of this website.