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Bears in New Sewickley Township

            The New Sewickley Township Police Department has received an increasing amount of calls relating to bears being seen in the township.  There are a few bears living in and moving through New Sewickley Township.  Bears are a natural part of the resident wildlife in Beaver County.  The natural home range of the Pennsylvania Black Bear is expanding, and this area includes Beaver County.  Most of the bears that travel through the area are young males who have been chased off by their mother as she has had a new litter of cubs. These young bears are still trying to figure out life and they are hungry as they have not found a regular, natural food source while traveling through or living in the area.  These bears often turn to easy meals such as garbage and bird feeders. Due to their size and nature, bears can become destructive when looking for these easy meals.  Bears have a natural fear of humans and generally a bear will only become aggressive when they are protecting their cubs or when they lose their fear of humans.

We would like to advise residents that it is illegal to feed bears in Pennsylvania under Title 34 Section 2102 and under Title 58 Section 137.33.  Violations of these sections are punishable by a fine of up to $200.00 plus court costs.  An individual can be cited under these sections every day that they intentionally place food for the purpose of feeding bears or in locations where food is placed which causes bears to congregate. Our officers work closely with officers of the Pennsylvania Game Commission when dealing with wildlife issues.

We suggest that garbage cans only be placed outside on the night that garbage is to be collected.  We also suggest that bird feeders be taken down for at least one week if a bear has damaged or eaten the bird seed.  If you have damage that you believe was caused by a bear or if you are aware of someone feeding bears, please contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission Southwest Regional office at 724-238-9523.

Correction to the Newsletter

The correct date Big Knob Grange is accepting Thanksgiving pie orders  is November 20th.  The sugar free pie (made with splenda) is apple.

Beaver County Reassessment Program

The Township received information from the Beaver County Assessment Office advising that they,  along with Tyler Technologies, Inc. have initiated a plan to begin data collection, for purposes of the countywide reassessment within our Township.

Data Collectors will be visiting and collecting information relative to individual properties within our area, beginning July 9th.  The majority of the data collection is expected to be conducted within three weeks from this date.  However, this process will continue until July 2020

Property Taxes

The New Sewickley Township Board of Supervisors met on May 5, 2020 and voted on extending the Discount period for the 2020 Township Taxes.  The vote was passed and as a result, the Discount period will be extended until December 31, 2020 with waiving any fees and penalties.

2020 Census

If you haven’t done so by now, please be sure to complete the 2020 Census today by going to http://www.2020Census.gov

To date, only 67% of New Sewickley Township residents responded to the census.  The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring census takers in our area.  The job pays $18.50 an hour with paid training, mileage reimbursement and you will be paid weekly.  The job will start within the next month and last about 8 to 10 weeks.  If interested, please apply on line at: 2020census.gov /jobs

Keeping our Residents Informed


The Township’s Text Notification System has been up and running.  This system will let us keep residents informed of important information such as road closures, public hearings and emergency situations, along with informing residents of community events going on in the Township.  Join the 400 + residents who have signed in.  Email your first and last name and phone number to sbarkley@newsewickley.com to sign up.  This information is strictly voluntary and will be for Township use only.


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