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Road Department Employee

Truck Driver/Laborer

GENERAL DEFINITION – An employee in the position of Heavy Equipment Operator/ Truck Driver performs a variety of skilled and semi-skilled maintenance and road/street related duties requiring strenuous physical effort and occasional exposure to inclement working conditions.  The employee performs a variety of tasks related to the Township infrastructure and buildings involving the operation of Township vehicles, equipment and manual labor.

REPORTING RESPONSIBILITY: – Road Crew Foreman/Township Manager.  Receives specific instructions from the road foreman, who is responsible for carrying out established policies and procedures. The employee is responsible to receive these instructions, and accomplish the task assigned in a safe, timely, and cost-efficient manner.

WORK DEMANDS: – Scheduled work week is 40 hours. Overtime is required, especially during adverse weather conditions, as necessary to keep the Township highways serviceable. Employee must be available for duty 24 hours per day and 365 days per year as required. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES – Operate all highway department vehicles, shop tools, power tools and heavy equipment in a safe and productive manner.  Primarily responsible for the maintenance and repair of the township highway system and associated equipment, and secondarily responsible for maintenance of town facilities and buildings. Under the direction of the Road Foreman, the crew members operate the equipment and provide the labor to maintain and repair the township facilities including, but not limited to: highway grading, trucking, snow plowing and treating highways, brush clearing, road repair, light building and facility maintenance and other associated tasks as required.

Initially, must be able to proficiently operate at least three (3) pieces of heavy equipment.  Heavy equipment includes: front-end loader, roller, grader, backhoe, mini excavator, paving machine, skid steer loader, bucket truck, brush chipper, mower tractors, sweeper and after given proper training in accordance with training schedule, must be able to operate all township owned equipment.

GENERAL DUTIES: – Township property and road maintenance and repair including, but not limited to:
* Road paving, patching and crack sealing
* Installation of storm water systems
* Cleaning and repairing of stormwater inlets, pipes and ditches
* Installation and repair of street signs and guiderails
* Remove trees and/or branches from roadways
* Assist in traffic control as needed
* General clean-up of garage and storage facilities
* Light construction/carpentry work
* Move heavy boxes or equipment and large bulky objects
* Snow and Ice Control
* Plow roads
* Apply salt/cinders as instructed
* Perform and/or assist in mowing program
* Mow assigned areas such as along highways, open spaces, detention ponds, rights-of-way, etc. Maintain mowing records.
* General cleaning and washing of vehicles and equipment.
* Perform general maintenance of the Highway Department equipment. (Both preventative and corrective maintenance tasks and adjustments are a routine responsibility.)
* Responsible for routine maintenance of town buildings and facilities, including but not limited to trash collection, minor building repairs, assistance to other township employees and contractors when appropriate.
* Assist/participate in training activities
* Perform other tasks as assigned by immediate supervisor or township manager.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: – Physical requirements include the ability and dexterity to reach, bend, turn, move hands, move arms, move feet, and move legs to operate the hand and foot controls of construction and maintenance vehicles are required. Must be able to physically operate a township dump truck equipped with a manual transmission. Normal, or correctable to normal, vision and hearing is required for the safe operation of equipment. The employee must be able to walk, stand, squat, shovel, rake, move 100 pounds from one location to another, climb stairs and ladders, climb in and out of ditches, manholes, inlets, etc. The employee works outside daily and is exposed to dirt, dust, noise, grease, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, sewage, fumes, water, cold, heat, snow and rain. In addition, the employee must be able to drive all township trucks and operate all the township owned equipment including; front-end loader, backhoe, mini excavator, skid steer loader, roller, grader, mowing tractors, zero turn mower, chain saw, chipper, sweeper, pumps and air compressors. Strength and endurance to repeatedly lift heavy objects, pull and tug objects, dig, chop and use other hand tools, and perform other strenuous activities is required. The strength and endurance to perform effectively over long hours and in adverse weather conditions is required. The ideal employee will also be able to use a pipe laser or transit and other measuring equipment and basic hand tools.  

MENTAL DEMANDS: – The employee must be able to read, write and perform basic mathematical calculations at a high school level, reason and solve problems.  Must be able to understand and follow oral and written instructions, read and interpret directions.  Must be able to keep electronic records, operate computers and use current basic electronic communication and messaging systems including voice mail, email, and text messaging.

The employee interacts with residents frequently and is often in the public eye and must act accordingly. Exemplary conduct when interfacing with the general public is an absolute necessity in this position.

REQUIRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: – The employee should have a high school diploma or equivalent.  Additional education, training or certifications beyond the high school level is desirable. Employees should have a basic knowledge of construction practices, mechanics/hydraulics, confined spaces and trench work.  Preference may be given to individuals with experience in a construction or Public works job entailing duties similar to those required for this position.

REQUIRED LICENSES: – CDL Class B with Air.  Maintaining a current and valid Pennsylvania Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)is requirement.


* Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques associated with the maintenance and repair of gravel and surfaced highways.

*Skill in handling controls for starting, stopping, driving, and backing the Town vehicles, skill in judging overhead and side clearances, turning radii, braking distances, and backing clearance.

*Knowledge and application of the techniques and practice for safe heavy equipment operation including: safe lifting heights, practice, loading and load securing techniques, and dumping safety.

*Knowledge and application of safety rules and regulations for the movement of heavy equipment are of paramount importance to this position. Application of these rules are required at all times, on the public way, and also in remote situations.

DESIRABLE SKILLS/CERTIFICATIONS – Consideration may be given for candidates with any of these additional skills or certifications:
Flagger Training, Dirt and Gravel Road certification, General Mechanical Skills, Welding, Fabrication, Basic Surveying skills.

EVALUATION:  – Road Crew Worker’s performance will be evaluated at least annually by the Road Foreman. Performance in accordance with New Sewickley Township’s Personnel Policy and Procedures is required and along with this Job Description will be the standard against which performance will be evaluated.

COMPENSATION: – As determined by collective bargaining agreement.




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