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New Sewickley Township does not have a contract with any specific garbage hauler.  Residents wishing to receive garbage service are advised to contact any local garbage haulers providing services within the municipal boundaries of New Sewickley Township and enter into a contract with the company of their choice.  Listed below are two companies that service New Sewickley Township.

Name Phone
Joseph J. Brunner, Inc. 724-775-6665
Valley Waste Services 724-843-9373

Changes to the Burning Ordinance

New Sewickley Township has been fortunate each year to receive a grant under Act 101 for our recycling program.    The amount varies each year depending on the volume of tonnage reported from the refuse haulers.  Amounts have ranged from $8,000.00 to approximately $14,000.00.

It has been brought to the Township’s attention that there are additional grants available for a considerable amount of funding.  However, to be eligible to receive a grant, DEP said that the Township needed to make changes to our Burning Ordinance.

On July 11, 2017, upon the recommendation of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Board of Supervisors amended the Township Burning Ordinance to include the following.

  • Residents are no longer permitted to burn any materials that the Township recycles, such as paper or cardboard. (Recycling bins are located in the Municipal Parking Lot)
  • Days of burning have been limited to Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Recreational fires for cookouts are permitted at all times).
  • You are no longer permitted to burn leaves, branches or grass clippings. (The Township has made available a designated area at the municipal building for Township residents to bring their leaves, branches and grass clippings). 

Ord 209

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