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The Planning Commission is a seven-member Board appointed by the Board of Supervisors and they serve four-year, staggered terms.  The Commission is responsible for short and long term planning within the Township.  They review subdivision plans, requests for zoning changes and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 P.M.

Workshop meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 only as needed.

The 2020 Planning Commission Members are:

Name Position
Albert E.  Horn Chairman
Ed Eisenbrown Vice-Chairman
Jenny Fessler Secretary
Gary Braun, Ed Majors,
Art Craig and Chris Brenckle


2023 Planning Commission Annual Report


Subdivision Land Development Application

Subdivision Application

Beaver County Application

Beaver County Subdivision and Land Development Application 2021


Beaver County – New Acknowledgements Required to be Place on Proposed Subdivision and Land Development Plans

Beaver County New Acknowledgements doc


Updates to Clean and Green Law

Clean and Green Law


Meeting Minutes

6/20/2024Min 6-20-24
5/16/2024Min 5-16-24
April Mtg Canceled
3/21/2024Min 3-21-24
2/15/2024Min 2-15-24
1/18/2024Min 1-18-24
12/21/2023Min 12-21-23
11/16/2023Min 11-16-23
10/19/2023Min 10-19-23
9/21/2023Min 9-21-23
8/17/2023Min 8-17-23
7/20/2023Min 7-20-23
6/15/2023Min 6-15-23
5/18/2023Min 5-18-23
4/20/2023Min 4-20-23
3/16/2-223Min 3-16-23
2/16/2023Min 2-16-23
1/19/2023Min 1-19-23
12/15/2022Min 12-15-22
11/17/2022Min 11-17-22.doc
10/20/2022Min 10-20-22
9/16/2022Min 9-16-22
8/18/2022Min 8-18-22
7/21/2022Min 7-21-22
6/16/2022Min 6-16-22
5/19/2022Min 5-19-22
4/21/2022Agenda 4-21-22
3/17/22Min 03-17-22
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