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Subdivision/Land Development

Pictures of our Township 003The laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania empower local governments to regulate the subdivision of land.  The authority for this function has been established by the General Assembly under the provisions of Act 247, the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, as amended by Act 170 of 1988.

New Sewickley Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance has been developed to require basic minimum standards for the development of land, including the subdivision thereof, into separate lots, and establishes rules and regulations, definitions, application procedures and permits by which the standards may be carried out.




To begin a subdivision/land development plan, please complete both a township application  Subdivision Application along with a Beaver County application Beaver County Subdivision and Land Development Application 2021.   Prior to having the property surveyed, please submit the township subdivision review checklist, which shows what is required on a plan, to your surveyor/engineer for their information Sub-Checklist .  Please contact the office at 724-774-7822 if you have any questions.


New Sewickley Township Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance

Saldo Complete Adopted 2011

SALDO Standard Details

Amendment – Ordinance No. 221

Ord 221

New Sewickley Township Subdivision Procedures

The New Sewickley Township Planning Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 

  1.  Prospective applicants shall arrange a pre-application review with the Township Planning Commission to determine the practical and legal feasibility of the proposed project prior to the development of formal preliminary plan preparation. At this review, the applicant/developer or a representative must attend the meeting and submit a sketch plan of what is being proposed.
  2. Property is surveyed and must comply with the requirements of the Township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. (Click on the above link (SALDO) for requirements).
  3. Submit your plan from your Engineer or Surveyor to the Township Office thirty (30) days prior to the next schedule Planning Commission Meeting.
    a.  Fifteen (15) copies of the plan are required.
    b.  Three (3) copies of a Planning Module should be included if applicable,with appropriate
    signatures and the fee required by DEP (Make check payable to Pa DEP).
    c.  A review for completeness and initial deficiencies will be identified by the office staff.
    d. Any revised subdivisions must be submitted ten (10) days prior to the next scheduled
    Planning Commission meeting.
  4.   Prior to Preliminary review all fees must be paid to the Township Office.  (See Fee
    Schedule listed below).
  5.   The Planning Commission will review the plan at their regular meeting.
  6.   The Township office staff will forward the plan to the Beaver County Planning Commission, with
    their required  $75.00 base fee and plus an additional $10.00 per lot, (Make this check payable to
    Beaver County Planning Commission).
  7.   The Township will forward the plan to the Township Engineer for his review and comments.
  8.   The Township will also forward the plan to the Planning Consultant and Township Sewage
    Enforcement Officer if applicable.  The applicant/developer will be responsible for any additional
    costs that exceeds the escrow amount.
  9.   The following month the  plan will be reviewed again by the New Sewickley Township Planning
    Commission along with the comments by the Township Engineer, Beaver County Planning
    Commission, Planning Consultant and the Sewage Enforcement Officer.  A representative for the
    plan must attend the meeting.  No action will be taken until the comments are submitted by the
    Township Engineer, Beaver County Planning Commission and the Sewage Enforcement Officer.
  10.   The Township Planning Commission will then make their recommendation and submit it to the
    Township Board of Supervisors for their approval on the 1st Tuesday of month at 6:30 p.m.
  11.   After the Township Board of Supervisors approve the plan, the applicant must make
    arrangements to come into the Office to sign the Mylar.  At that time the office staff will need
    a check made out to the “Beaver County Recorder of Deed” in the amount of $60.00 to have the
    plan recorded.

Subdivision/Land Development Fees

Lot SizeTownship FeeEscrowTotal Due
1 to 3 Lot Subdivision$200.00$250.00$450.00
4 to 9 Lot Subdivision$1,000.00$750.00$1,750.00
10 or more Lot Subdivision$2,500.00$2,000.00$4,500.00
0 to 10,000 Square Feet Land Development$500.00$1,250.00$1,750.00
10,001 to 25,000 Square Feet
Land Development
25,001 to 40,000 Square Feet
Land Development
40,000 and over Square Feet Land Development$5,000.00$5,000.00$10,000.00

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