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Recycling is held at the Township Building the second and fourth Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  There are volunteers here those two days to assist any resident who may need help.

Our containers are open 24 hours if those two Saturdays  are not convenient for you.

How To Prepare Your Recycled Materials

Glass – Clear, Brown, Green Bottles and Jars
1.  Rinse – Remove styrofoam labels.
2.  Remove metal lids and rings.
3.  Do not break glass
4.  Do not include auto glass, light bulbs, procelain, ceramic, plate glass, crystal or      mirrors.

Aluminum, Bi-Metal & Tin Food and Beverage Container and Aluminum Foil
1.  Rinse thoroughly, crush cans.  Plastic Bottles and Jugs Only
1.  Rinse throughly, remove caps.
2.  Flatten to save space
3.  Containers must have the three arrow recycling logo, with the numbers 1 or 2 inside it.

Newspapers and Cardboard
1.  Newspapers are to be in paper bags.
2.  No plastic bags.
3.  Corragated cardboard only.

If you or a group (church, organization, etc.) are looking to volunteer your time, please call Laura Miles at 724-624-0187, to help oversee the recycling program on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month.

Changes to the Burning Ordinance

On July 11, 2017,  the Board of Supervisors amended the Township Burning Ordinance to include the following.

  • Residents are no longer permitted to burn any materials that the Township recycles, such as paper or cardboard. (Recycling bins are located in the Municipal Parking Lot)
  • Days of burning have been limited to Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Recreational fires for cookouts are permitted at all times).
  • You are no longer permitted to burn leaves, branches or grass clippings

      Ord 209

The Township has made available a designated area at the municipal building for Township residents to bring their leaves, branches and grass clippings). 

Recycling Grant Awarded

The Township is excited to announce that in 2019 we received a Recycling Development and Implementation Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in the amount of $166,500.00 with the Township’s matching cost of $18,500.00.

With this funding, the Township was approved to purchase a Mack Truck with tarp to be used for hauling grass and wood ships to the Beaver County Waste Management Compost Site.  We were also approved to purchase a wood chipper, a new utility trailer for newspapers, a front load cardboard bin and approved to expand our yard waste area.  

We received notification that we are eligible to apply for another grant up to $350,00.00.  If awarded, we will be asking for additional equipment and reimbursement for our current recycling bins and equipment that has been purchased over the past two years that is used in our recycling program.  

We would like to thank our residents for taking the time to recycle.  With your help we have been able to expand our recycling program.  

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